19 Fun Summer Projects to Decorate Your New Home

Summer is right around the corner, especially when you live in Florida and it’s pretty much summer year-round!

My wife and I love summer - we practically live on the beach during the hot Summer months here. Since we are right in Tampa, Florida, the beach is only a few minutes away.

Summer is the perfect time to dive into some “DIY” projects for your home.

When I saw these summer projects my wife is keen on trying this year, I got really excited to share them with you. So many of these projects can be used to spruce up your home decor or create a warm atmosphere for your friends and family.

These 19 fun summer projects will help decorate your new home, and give it your own personal touch. Let me know which ones you’re going to try this summer in the comments!

Fun Summer Projects - Duane Hayden

19 Fun Summer Projects to Decorate Your New Home

Add a real personal touch to your home this summer with these fun do-it-yourself projects!

1. Herb Garden in Wagon

Do you happen to have an old Radio Flyer wagon laying around? If not, it’s time to go bargain hunting at your local thrift store. This project is too fun to pass up!

Turn an old kid’s wagon into a mobile herb garden, that you can easily move between sunshine and shade. All you need is a drill, a hammer, some nails, and the wagon! Besides that, simply add your potting soil and herb seeds, and you’ll be on a “roll” in no time!

Cost: Between $25-$125, depending on what supplies you already have

Get the full Herb Garden Wagon tutorial here

Fun Summer Projects - Duane Hayden

2. Landscape Lighting

Many homeowners shy away from doing their own landscape lighting because they think there’s a ton of wiring and electric work involved. That’s luckily not the case, and adding tasteful lighting to your yard can give your home an incredible nighttime facelift!

This project is one of the most expensive on this list, depending on how high of quality you go with your lighting choices, and the size of your yard. Just head on over to your local home improvement store and take a look at your options!

Cost: $150-$300

Read the complete DIY Landscape Lighting tutorial

Fun Summer Projects - Duane Hayden

3. Painted Pots with Succulents

Although succulents are great, low-maintenance plants that add a “pop” to any room, this DIY summer project can be paired with any plant of your choosing (or no plant at all!)

All you need is a few clay planter pots, white spray paint, rubber bands, a foam paint brush, and your favorite colors in craft paint.

Cost: $20-$25

View the complete painted pot tutorial here

Fun Summer Projects - Duane Hayden

4. Construct a Firepit

There’s not much that says “summer” better than the romantic glow of a firepit in the backyard. In Florida, we don’t use firepits so much to keep warm as we do as a centerpiece for a fun gathering with friends or family!

Besides a few basic garden tools, you’ll need a fire pit bowl, a couple dozen landscape paver stones, some paver stone and some pea stone.

Cost: $150-$250

Here is a complete tutorial from eHow

Fun Summer Projects - Duane Hayden

5. Chalkboard Frame Signs

These chalkboard signs are so charming and decorative. Just buy inexpensive frames from a thrift store or garage sale, and paint the glass with chalkboard paint!

Cost: $5-$15

View #23 on this list for a brief tutorial

Fun Summer Projects - Duane Hayden

6. Start Composting

Composting is a great way to recycle and help fuel a beautifully lush garden. Start recycling your organic materials, right down to the eggshells, to create rich soil with either this easy trashcan compost bin, or build this slatted compost bin out of wood.

Cost: Less than $50

Video plastic trash can compost bin tutorial (Easier)

View wood + chicken wire compost bin tutorial (Harder)

Fun Summer Projects - Duane Hayden

7. Hang a Rope Swing

With just a packaged piece of round pine for the seat, a carabiner, and about twenty feet of natural rope, you can have this fun, inexpensive rope swing hanging in your backyard!

Cost: $10

Read the complete tutorial from Duke & Dutchess here

Fun Summer Projects - Duane Hayden

8. Boho Jars & Vases

With a few simple hand-drawn designs, you can make these bohemian-style, hand-painted jars and vases. These would make great final touches on a beautiful new home. Fill with wildflowers or cuttings from the garden to display around your home.

Cost: $5-$10

Read the Boho Jar & Vase tutorial here

Fun Summer Projects - Boho Vases

9. DIY Hammock

If you have a sewing machine and a spare queen- or king-sized sheet or duvet cover, you’re ready to make this DIY hammock! How fantastic to spend summer sunsets rocking in this hammock. I might just have to try this project myself!

Cost: $10-$30 depending on what supplies you already have

Read the full tutorial from Popsugar here

Fun Summer Projects - hammock

10. Paper Pinwheel

These beautiful paper pinwheels can add a pop of summer color to any room in your home. My wife likes to raid the scrapbooking paper aisle at the craft store, and these pinwheels would be the perfect project!

Cost: $1-$5

Learn how to fold these cool little pinwheels here

Fun Summer Projects - Paper pinwheels

11. Shadow Box Bird Feeder

Summer means birds are daily sights in the backyard, so how perfect would this shadow box bird feeder be, hanging from your tree! The assembly looks incredibly simple, and all the supplies don’t even pass $25. I think I might add this to my own summer to-do list!

Cost: $25

Read the complete instructions right here

Fun Summer Projects - Birdfeeder

12. Picture-Perfect Centerpieces

This photo lantern would be perfect as a dining room table conversation piece, or you could make several for a special event (these look like they’d be perfect for a wedding or graduation party). I was surprised at how simple the instructions were!

Cost: $20-$30

Get the complete tutorial on this page

Fun Summer Projects - Picture lanterns

13. Outdoor Cushions

This summer DIY project was too cool to not make this list. The tutorial involves sewing three regular bed pillows together and covering the whole thing with weather-resistant fabric to make outdoor cushions! Imagine relaxing under a tree in your backyard reading a book, or taking these on a picnic or the beach with you!

Cost: $50

Get the complete instructions from Country Living here

Fun Summer Projects - Outdoor cushions

14. Painted Cinderblock Flower Boxes

Cinderblocks are ugly, and just about all of us homeowners have had to deal with these eyesores at some point. Maybe that’s why this tutorial stuck out to me - painting cinderblocks for your garden is a fantastic and inexpensive summer project idea.

Cost: $15-$20

Get the step-by-step tutorial from DecoArt here

Fun Summer Projects - Cinderblock art

15. Create a Bucket Table

Every outdoor patio could use some extra character, right? This tutorial shows you how to build your own outdoor coffee table using some lumber and a large metal bucket. Maybe one of you can figure out a way to add hinges to that slab of wood on top so you can make the bucket into an ice chest. Frosty cold beverage, anyone?

You can check out the tutorial from Remodelaholic here

(Note - Scroll down for the tutorial)

Fun Summer Projects - Bucket Table

16. Driftwood Mirror

This driftwood mirror immediately caught my eye. This looks like some high-end wall decor piece that I would use to stage a gorgeous home I am listing on the market. It seems very sophisticated, while still retaining that “fun, beachy mood”.

Cost: $5 - $20, depending on if you already have a mirror

View the complete tutorial from City Farmhouse

Fun Summer Projects - Driftwood mirror

17. DIY Outdoor Movie Screen

To me, summer means hanging out in the backyard with your family. Watching a film under the stars out back is a great way to spend a summer night this year! This outdoor movie screen would be fantastic for parties or movie nights.

Cost: ~ $100 (not including movie projector)

Video the tutorial from eHow here

Fun Summer Projects - Movie Screen

18. Bold Throw Pillows

Although most of us men usually complain about throw pillows, I can admit that these bold DIY throw pillows from HGTV do add pizazz to the room! They seem incredibly easy to do - see the tutorials below!

Cost: $5 - $15, depending on if you already have pillows

Gold ampersand throw pillow tutorial

Painted pattern throw pillow tutorial

Fun Summer Projects - throw pillows

As you see, there are tons of projects to keep you busy this summer! These are just 19 fun summer projects to decorate your new home that I found, but there are endless other options.

These unique DIY projects will add character to your new home that the previous owner could not dream of. This is your chance!

What summer projects are you thinking of starting this summer?

Share in the comments - Let's talk about it!