3 Tampa Neighborhoods That Are On The Rise

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Palm trees lining the neighborhood streets, sunshine more than 70% of the year, and (my favorite part)...the beach is just a short drive away.

Tampa, Florida is a beautiful place to live. That’s why I moved here from Kentucky over a decade ago, and haven't looked back since.

Whether you’re already living in the Tampa Bay area, or thinking of moving here, I have gathered some key information about a 3 neighborhoods that are on the rise, either in value, popularity, or both.

Forget Davis Islands and South Tampa, as these three contenders might actually surprise you!

These three neighborhoods are predicted to have increased property values, increased level of popularity, or otherwise attractive qualities to home buyers.

3 Tampa Neighborhoods That Are On The Rise

Pay attention to these Tampa neighborhoods that are on the rise, and consider seeking out land or property in these areas when you are looking for a home.

1. Northdale / Carrollwood (Zip Code: 33624)

While the wealthier parts of the Tampa Bay area have seen greater price appreciation in the past 10 years, some of the neighborhoods most sought after by home buyers today are Tampa’s Carrollwood-Northdale neighborhoods (ZIP 33624), according to realtor.com.

The reason for the popularity of this area is simple — Carrollwood and Northdale have stable neighborhoods with a surplus of roomy yet moderately-priced homes that are in increasingly tight supply these days.

The Northdale/Carrollwood area offers a high value per square foot, and also has convenient amenities like a YMCA, a golf course, a great school, and it’s close to downtown Tampa, which is chock full of wonderful shopping, entertainment, and restaurants!

3 Tampa Neighborhoods - Carrollwood Northdale

(Source: Tampa Bay Times)

2. Terrace Park (Zip Code: 33612)

Terrace Park is bound by the University of South Florida to the north, Busch Boulevard to the south, 30th street to the west, and Temple Terrace to the east.

And yes, I know it might be surprising to you that this area is considered “on the rise” in Tampa. Historically, the areas surrounding USF are overlooked or undesired. However, according to Zillow, property values in Terrace Park could increase by 6.7 percent this year!

With Terrace Park’s good mix of older and newer homes, paired with the convenience of a proximity to restaurants, downtown, and the interstate, I recommend taking a hard look at this area when looking for reasonably-priced homes that pack a valuable punch.

3 Tampa Neighborhoods - Terrace Park

(Source: Tampa Bay Times)

3. Fair Oaks / Manhattan Manor (Zip Code: 33611)

You might not recognize this South Tampa neighborhood by name, as it’s a lesser-known area bordered by Euclid Avenue, Manhattan Avenue, Gandy Boulevard, and Himes Avenue.

Property values are projected to increase a surprising 4.7 percent, which is just one of the benefits of considering Fair Oaks for a new home purchase.

Fair Oaks shares a zip code with the jaw-dropping million-dollar mansions on Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa, so the property values ripple outward a slight amount. Don’t be shocked to learn about Fair Oaks’ expensive neighbors - Fair Oaks homes are far more modestly priced, while still being extremely accessible by the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway and Dale Mabry.

3 Tampa Neighborhoods - Fair Oaks Manhattan Manor

(Source: Tampa Bay Times)

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