5 Easy Ways to Make Your Real Estate Agent Love You

    Most real estate agents are like myself, and choose not to admit our biggest “pet peeves” or annoyances are in this business. We’re professionals, after all!

    Our jobs, like most jobs, can range anywhere from easy and breezy to ripping out our hair, depending on the day (and the client). As a real estate agent, I am dedicated to providing great, professional service.

    So let me teach you how to help me, help you!

    Whether they’re selling your home for at least the asking price, or finding your dream home in the perfect neighborhood, your agent is there to help you achieve your goals. As a buyer or seller, you have a unique opportunity to assist your real estate agent get the results you are looking for.

    But how can you help us create the perfect selling or buying scenario for you? That’s easy!

    There are 5 easy ways to make your real estate agent love you, and I’m about to break each of them down for all of you helpful buyers and sellers.

    Because after all, you wouldn't be reading this article right now if you weren't interested in making your real estate agent's life just a little bit easier, and for that? I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Real Estate Agent Love You

    Don't fool yourself - There are a ton more ways you could make your real estate agent love you, but for me it boils down to these 5 basic things. Don't forget to leave a comment below, I'd love to know what your thoughts are!

1. Have a Realistic Price Range

This goes for both you buyers and sellers. It is so much easier to achieve (or even exceed) your expectations when you come to the table with realistic goals. Let’s break this down according to which category you fall into.

BUYERS: Don’t put yourself through the heartache of falling in love with a house that you honestly cannot afford. It’s stressful for you and your Realtor. If you’re in the market for a new home, your first step is getting pre-approved by a lender (you can visit my Free Resource page for information on how you can get pre-qualified or pre-approved).

Your next step is to make a list of everything you want (or need) in a new home, and do your best to prioritize those items. This will give your real estate agent an idea of what your price range is, and how realistic your expectations are. If you want a 5-bedroom house with a luxury kitchen and in-ground pool in Parkland Estates, but you’re only pre-qualified for a $190,000 mortgage...we might have some issues.

SELLERS: Having realistic expectations when pricing your home is crucial. Overpricing will discourage prospective buyers from making offers, while underpricing won’t bring in the return you were hoping for. Be sure to use one of the home value calculators from our Free Resource page, like Zestimate by Zillow or Realtor to get a ballpark range of what your home could sell for.

2. Be Honest & Disclose Everything

Whether you are a buyer or seller, your real estate agent will get to know a lot about you, everything from your financial health, to your deep-down desires. Try not to hide anything that could be beneficial for your real estate agent to know!

BUYERS: I’m going to really hammer down on getting pre-approved before having your real estate agent drive you all around town looking at houses. Be transparent about your creditworthiness and what you are able to afford.

SELLERS: Disclose anything and everything you know about the home you are selling. If you do not disclose a problem with the home and you knew about it (such as a flooded basement, mold problem, etc), you could get sued and held liable for repairs. Yes, even after the home is sold. So let’s not go there, and be transparent from the get-go. If you’re with an experienced Realtor like me, there’s probably not much you could say that would surprise us!

3. Watch the "Pickiness"

Although this point is mostly directed at buyers, even sellers have to be mindful of not getting too “picky” throughout a home transaction.

BUYERS: Buyers, especially first-time buyers, need to be cautious of bringing to the table too many “top priorities” to fill. Things like paint color or kitchen appliances should be looked at as relatively easy cosmetic changes to make, instead of deal breakers. This article from the National Association of Realtors has an excellent viewpoint on “buyer choosiness”. 

SELLERS: As a seller, you should be open to all showings and offers that come your way. Don’t turn away showings and expect to get worthy offers left and right. Take the advice of your real estate agent, and be flexible with your schedule.

4. Don’t Show Your Cards!

Not to scare you, but you really never know who is listening in on your conversation when you’re in your home, or viewing a home.

BUYERS: Yes, I’m looking at you, Chatty Cathy. Be careful what you say when being shown a home. I’ve even known extreme sellers to “bug” their homes to listen in on what you say. Discuss details, opinions, and other such information in the privacy of your real estate agent’s office.

SELLERS: I know you’re excited to sell your home, but please do not ever call the buyer’s agent or the buyer directly. Buyer’s agents have a duty to their client, not you. They can and probably will use  any ammunition you give them to negotiate a better deal. I don’t want you to lose out on any money, so let your agent do the talking for you!

5. Give a Positive (and Honest) Testimonial

After all is said and done, your real estate agent and you won’t be spending nearly as much time together. One of the best ways to make your real estate agent love you is to leave them a testimonial or review through the medium of their choosing.

Standing out among the crowd as a real estate agent is difficult - it’s a competitive market out there - and testimonials serve as the best source of social proof. You can give your real estate agent the best parting gift there is - the powerful marketing tool of a positive review.

As real estate agents, serving our clients is our number one priority.

    And in all honesty, the best way for us to serve you effectively and efficiently is to know that we have a client who is willing to cooperate cordially.

    These are just 5 ways to make your real estate agent, but there are a few more to always remember too…


*Give us a high-five

*And have fun on this new adventure of finding a new home, or selling your existing one!

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