With the lure of sandy beaches and magnificent weather, Duane Hayden made the decision to move down to sunny Florida in 2010. It didn't take long for him to fall in love with the Sunshine State. The community, the energy, the people of Florida have become a part of who Duane is. Florida taught him a new approach to life: serving others.

     Success through serving is a core element of Duane’s philosophy, and why he is so passionate about Real Estate. Always picking up the phone, asking the right questions, and fighting to achieve YOU and YOUR FAMILY’s goals is what Duane Hayden does, every single day.

     As Duane explains to his team...

Give your clients what they want, and exactly how they want it. Then you will succeed.
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     Through this teaching, he has helped hundreds of people find their dream home, or sell the home they are in to get to where they need to be.

     A fact that can often be overlooked in the market nowadays, is the simple fact that real estate is a business of the people. You need someone who can get down and understand your deepest desires to find exactly what outcome you want to achieve, and will deliver every time.

     Duane first learned how to get down to the "nuts and bolts" of people when he was a Junior in High School, when he started his very own carpentry business. With careful measurements, a keen eye for detail, and an ability to not only learn exactly what you need, but deliver on it, too. By regularly exceeding expectations, he turned his carpentry clients into lifelong friends. Graduating from Texas A&M University in 1992, he realized his true calling. Serving others. He then enlisted and proudly served in the Merchant Marines and currently holds a U.S.C.G Captain’s License.

     Since moving to Florida, Duane has spent the last 7 years perfecting his real estate craft.

     Now, as an expert in marketing your home, buying your dream home, negotiating what YOU want, as well as being especially passionate about helping our Veterans secure financing to get the home they deserve, Duane has the SKILL and know-how to serve you to the fullest potential.

     You won't find many agents who know the Tampa Bay area better than Duane Hayden - He can even get you in on the ground floor of brand new construction! Every step of the way, Duane is your partner who is there to help you reach your goals and get you to where you want to be.

    When you give Duane a call, you will realize how a great real estate agent can allow you to remain stress-free while still getting what you want - it’s a win-win! If you’ve ever felt lost or intimidated with the idea of buying or selling a home, then get in touch with Duane today. You may be surprised at how simple the process can be when you align with the right Realtor.

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